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Hi, I'm Bob Blagg, a "REAL HVAC GUY". I watched my father and many other HVAC folks work themselves half to death just to eke out a good living. So I made it a priority to find ... figure out ... test and prove .... and assemble strategies for easily, efficiently and affordably obtaining more good new customers and accounts than you can handle.... strategies virtually unknown to our industry, so that possessing them gives you a truly unfair advantage over your competitors and lets you make more money than ever before. In fact, my strategies will virtually transform your business.

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You are looking at this website for one or more of these reasons:

  1. You are frustrated, unhappy, maybe even disgusted with how little take-home money you get from your business
  2. You are working harder than ever, but have less to show for it
  3. Competition has increased and, frankly, you're not sure what to do about it
  4. You detest "cheapest price" competition and would prefer to promote your services differently
  5. You do an outstanding "technical" job, but you admit you lack the know-how to effectively advertise, market and sell your services
  6. You are concerned that you have to worry about "where the next job is coming from" just to pay bills .... your business may have grown, there may even be more income, but it's still not translating into wealth and security for you and your family
  7. You would be thrilled to do less work, especially less hard work, but make more money
  8. You can see the value of your business actually declining? When you want to sell, will you be able to?

Well, if you'd like to know "the secret" to all of that, it starts with this realization: Being good is no longer good enough. In today's market, it's not how much you know about installing or servicing heating and cooling equipment that determines your income. It is how effective you are at marketing those services that determines the balance in your bank account. You may feel that's not fair or not the way it should be. You can fight it (and maybe go broke). Or you can embrace this as opportunity, and take steps to become as good at marketing what you do, as you are at doing it.

You may say “Wait a minute, I am not a marketing person. I can’t do that. I will turn you into a HVAC Marketing Whiz almost overnight with my easy-to-use, paint-by-numbers, 1-2-3, A-B-C system.”

I'm here to help. On an entirely risk free basis.

My Free Report reveals...

*How to double the profits on your existing customers.

*How to beat the cheapest HVAC contractor & avoid price competition altogether.

*How to find out who your best customers are and how to get more just like them.

*How to drive your competition crazy

*Why boring, traditional advertising is a waste, how to avoid using it forever and how to quit being a victim of advertising sales reps.

With just one idea from Bob, I increased my customer base by over 25% in just 4 short months!

George Kennedy, Kennedy Heating & A/C

When they studied my methods ... they realized that most of my unusual, super effective ads, sales letters and techniques could be easily used in their HVAC businesses.

Some say I'm a genius at devising ways that HVAC businesses can get exactly the kind of customers they want, at costs they can afford, systematically. I don't know about that, all I know is my stuff works. And over 1,263 HVAC businesses are saying the same thing . . .

"Bob, first of all I want to let you know I appreciate what you're doing for our industry. We need somebody out there like you. I've looked at a lot of programs and yours is the best. You could probably charge a lot more.

By listening to you "I was able to "Cut my Advertising Costs by 50% While Doubling the Results!"

 Frank Samuels, Franks Mechanical

Combining all the methods I've researched and tested with my own, I have built a "Super System" for turning any ordinary HVAC business into a "high income high profit machine".

With just one of Bob's "Secret Strategies" I am making from $500 - $1000 more per Job with no Extra Effort!

Bill Robinson, Robinson Htg & A/C

"OK, Bob, How Do I Get All This Information, All These Tools, And Put Them To Work For Me?"

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